Joseph McColgan
Executive Consultant

Mr. Joseph McColgan is a high-energy decision maker with over 40 years of experience as a business consultant and as an interim operating executive. Mr. McColgan has a track record of developing and mentoring managers, driving top line growth, improving profitability and increasing total enterprise value. His major area of activity has been involved in restructuring companies to release their potential and thereby optimize stakeholder value. Mr. McColgan has worked with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms to help restructure their portfolio companies.

Mr. McColgan has served in a wide array of industries from consumer products, construction, distribution, light manufacturing, technology, engineering services, pharmaceutical, as well as the printing industry. Mr. McColgan is an expert in operations improvement, business strategy and organizational restructuring. He has acted as a consultant and interim CEO through bankruptcy proceedings, generational transitions, shareholder suits and general crisis situations.

Mr. McColgan is an Executive Consultant at MainStream Management where his primary focus includes rapidly identifying financial and operational challenges, and developing a plan of action that will increase enterprise value. Mr. McColgan optimizes operating performance for under-performing companies by designing initiatives that drive sustainable growth, maximize market potential, and achieve unprecedented levels of profitability. He works closely with client senior management team members by providing guidance to achieve profit and loss and balance sheet objectives by implementing performance improvement initiatives and establishing goals for increasing company value and stockholder equity.