Engagement Results

Bondholder Committee / United Sports Organization of Barrington
A principal of MainStream was engaged by the bondholder group to help determine if the Lake Barrington Field House, a state-of-the-art 175,000 square foot multi-sport and fitness complex, was feasible, it's corresponding debt service capabilities, and perform forensic accounting, and a management review. Read More
A principal of MainStream was engaged to provide Georgia-Pacific withSell-side Advisory, Corporate Finance, Tax Structuring, Capital Markets Advisory services. Read More
High-End, Custom Label Manufacturer
The Company, a provider of high-end, custom printed labels and packaging for manufacturers, distributors, and brokers in North America, was feeling economic pressures from customers. With the Company looking to expand, they wanted to analyze the production operations and make improvements prior to expanding their business. MainStream was engaged to evaluate the customer order system and evaluate the accuracy of bidding, in addition to performing a high-level plant and financial operating assessment. Read More
Newspaper and Radio Station Owner/Operator
The bank had given the Company a loan to build a new facility and the Company had been in forbearance of the loan for the year. The Company is a fifth generation, family owned operator of two local newspapers and five radio stations located in the Midwest. MainStream was engaged by the bank to perform a current business plan and operating budget review for the historical 3-5 years, build a financial model for fiscal 2011, and provide the bank with recommendations on whether to accept the Company’s settlement offer or other options to recoup their loan. Read More
GLC Limited dba Global Liquidation Centers
GLC Limited was a retailer selling discounted general merchandise. The Company’s products fit in to the major categories of housewares, furniture, appliances, seasonal goods, apparel and domestics, health and beauty aids, packaged food and home cleaning supplies. MainStream was engaged to perform a financial review and business assessment to gain an understanding on the condition of the Company. Read More
Automotive & Recreational Vehicle Supplier
The company had been thrown into an involuntary bankruptcy by their three largest creditors and Mainstream was engaged to secure and preserve the assets, market the business and negotiate a sale with terms that would be acceptable to the Trustee, the Court and the purchaser. Read More
Software Consulting & Professional Services Provider
MainStream was engaged by a lending institution to analyze the cash flow projection capabilities of a micro-cap publicly traded company in the software consulting and professional services industry. A roll-up in the consulting industry, the client had been struggling in accurately projecting and meeting their cash flow forecasts. Read More
Atlantic Extrusions Corp
Atlantic Extrusions manufactured and distributed plastic products to the furniture, utilities and landscaping industry. Read More
KMG Chemicals
A principal of MainStream Management was directly involved in a lead management role as an underwriter of a $17 million secondary offering for KMG Chemicals. Read More
Embassy Suites
A principal of MainStream Management was directly involved in taking over a distressed mid-Atlantic based hotel in an effort to return the business to profitability and sell the business. Read More
A principal of MainStream Management was retained to conduct a detailed analysis of the future viability of a private equity backed software firm located on the East Coast. Read More
A principal of MainStream Management was directly involved in the sale of a leading physical therapy company located in the mid-Atlantic region. Read More
American Water Works
A principal of MainStream Management was directly involved in a co-management role as an underwriter of a $1.5 billion public offering of American Water Works. Read More
Bankruptcy Creditors Committee
The total number of unsecured parties of which claim payments were to be made was 484 broken down into five specific categories. Read More
Building Products Company
A large privately held company in the building products industry had witnessed deteriorating performance in a subsidiary organization. Read More
U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee
MainStream identified locations in four states where the appropriate documents, records, files and electronic media of the Debtors were located. Read More
Aviant, a $140 million Long Beach California supplier of contract engineers and IT personnel had violated its bank covenants and was being forced to financially restructure the business. Read More
Apache Hose
MainStream performed an assessment of the company’s operations including its sales and distribution operations. Read More