Operational Improvement

Engagement Results

High-End, Custom Label Manufacturer
The Company, a provider of high-end, custom printed labels and packaging for manufacturers, distributors, and brokers in North America, was feeling economic pressures from customers. With the Company looking to expand, they wanted to analyze the production operations and make improvements prior to expanding their business. MainStream was engaged to evaluate the customer order system and evaluate the accuracy of bidding, in addition to performing a high-level plant and financial operating assessment. Read More
Food Services Manufacturing
A complete review of business processes at each location was completed over a period of approximately 30 days. Read More
BAE Systems
BAE performs large-scale crisis manufacturing for the U.S. Military. The company was awarded a $500 million contract to produce a new line of armored vehicles. Read More
Hamilton Caster
Hamilton Caster is a 100 year old family-owned company that has a rich heritage of manufacturing high quality products. Read More
Aircraft Propeller Mfg.
The Company was a leading manufacturer of aircraft components with over 100 years in business. Their first customer was the Wright Brothers. Read More
Power Transmission Products
Our client is a manufacturer of a wide range of industrial transmissions that have an extensive range of power applications and gear ratios. Read More
City Government
City projects were reaching the City Council for approval weeks after initiation because of delays caused by bureaucratic red tape. Read More
North American Division
Sell the assets of a 1200 employee North American company that supplied banking equipment and security systems. Read More
Plastic Film Mfg.
Our client, a Chicago-based plastic film processing company, was having difficulty supervising its employees, many of whom came from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Read More
Building Products Company
A large privately held company in the building products industry had witnessed deteriorating performance in a subsidiary organization. Read More
Industrial Valve Mfg.
MainStream conducted a technical assessment that revealed several factors causing the Company's problems. Read More
Industrial Painting
Our client had implemented lean manufacturing cells, but was not receiving the full benefit they hoped to achieve. Read More
Aircraft Components Mfg
The Company was responding to a large number of quote requests, but was not successful in turning the quotes into orders. Read More
U.S. Navy
The U.S. Department of the Navy recognized that the average sailor's workload was in excess of 92 man-hours per week at wartime requirement manning. Read More
MainStream Management was engaged by the Chairman of the Board as the company had not met earning expectations that the equity partners believed were possible. Read More
A principal of MainStream Management was retained to conduct a detailed analysis of the future viability of a private equity backed software firm located on the East Coast. Read More
A principal of MainStream Management was directly involved in the sale of a leading physical therapy company located in the mid-Atlantic region. Drayer
Harvest Manor Farms
A multibillion dollar holding company had established an integrated snack food and nut producer and seen their revenues grow substantially, but the company had an operating loss of almost $32 million. Read More
Bell Atlantic
A Fortune 50 company, Bell Atlantic Corporation, had invested significant capital into a wholly-owned investment real estate subsidiary, Bell Atlantic Properties. Read More
Atlantic American Properties
A privately held company owned by a private equity fund and a series of institutional investors, Atlantic American Properties Trust undertook the responsibility to fully integrate a second enterprise of similar size located in a different region of the country. Read More
U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee
MainStream identified locations in four states where the appropriate documents, records, files and electronic media of the Debtors were located. Read More
General Time Corporation
General Time was the world’s largest provider of clocks with approximately $100 million of annual revenue and the owner of the most respected and well-known brand names in the clock industry. Read More
Food Services Equipment Company
Our client completed the acquisition of a complimentary product and services company two years earlier and had not realized the results originally projected in the acquisition pro-forma. Read More
Mosler Inc. was the country’s oldest bank equipment manufacturer and had completed a complex synergistic acquisition of a large competitor. Read More
R.J. Manufacturing
MainSteam conducted a rigorous assessment of the company’s operations, marketing, and financial position. Read More
Harvest Manor Farms
MainStream Management was engaged by the parent company, a multibillion dollar holding company, to assess the company’s manufacturing facility and implement performance improvement initiatives.Read more
ConAgra Foods
A principal of MainStream Management was engaged by ConAgra Foods, Inc, North America’s largest food service manufacturer and second largest retail food supplier with annual sales in excess of $27 billion. Read more
Tyson Foods
A principal of MainStream Management was engaged by Tyson Foods, a $28 billion meat manufacturer, to replace the existing Plant Manager at a Tyson Foods manufacturing facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Read more