Continuous Process Improvement

Enhancing the bottom line, improving customer satisfaction and providing quality products are continuous, never-ending objectives in successful organizations. “Continuous Process Improvement” (CPI) is an ongoing effort on the part of management teams and Boards of Directors to discover and eliminate the main cause of problems in reaching the objectives of the business over the long-term. However, like many business challenges, the process management and a Board of Directors take to accomplish these objectives is the key. In fact, according to Rummler & Brache's research, processes account for about 80% of all business problems, while people account for the remaining 20%.

CPI results at MainStream are typically realized utilizing a series of manageable and measurable steps rather than attempting to implement one or two enterprise-wide programs. Our approach is to move at a deliberate pace, be as direct as necessary, but not to blame people for past problems or failures. We simply look at how the work can be undertaken more effectively to reduce expenses, increase revenues, and increase shareholder value. When a CPI program is implemented, our team, working in conjunction with management, seeks to learn what causes things to happen, and then use that knowledge to standardize on best practices, remove activities that don't add value and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Contact MainStream and let us help you outline a CPI program that is built around your organizational needs.