Assessing Your Current Situation

This assessment phase focuses on collecting the required information to develop a comprehensive understanding of the existing processes. This step needs to be completed before moving on to setting performance goals and improvement recommendations. The result of this is an understanding of an organizations current operational issues and the identification of unproductive and/or redundant processes.

Assessing Your Current Situation has six key activities:

  • Collect data on existing processes for the selected CPI project;
  • Analyze those data points to ensure that correct information on all business processes and their associated sub-processes has been collected;
  • Confirm that the key performance indicators e.g. hot issues that have been identified to initiate the CPI program are still the correct business drivers required for improvement today and over the long-term;
  • Determine the root cause(s) of problems;
  • Determine cause and effect;
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for process improvement.

MainStream's operational improvement team has the hands-on knowledge to help guide your organization through the process of understanding your current situation. We are ready to help you review and analyze the data points required to make good decisions and implement best practices.