Evaluating Your Results & Planning for Continuous Improvement

During the evaluating and planning phase of a company's CPI project, management and ownership need to ensure that any realized benefits from the new or revised processes will be sustained over the long term. This phase ensures that the organization has the required process enablers' i.e. training, technology, to sustain the CPI initiative and improve this and other core business processes, as required by both external and internal customers.

There are 10 key activities to the Continuing Improvement phase

  • Continue benefit reporting and tracking
  • Conduct on-going performance measurement and reporting
  • Institutionalize new roles and responsibilities
  • Identify additional competencies
  • Continue the communication process and provide on-going updates
  • Conduct on-going risk assessment
  • Formalize knowledge transfer and learning process
  • Formalize Lessons Learned process
  • Identify areas that needs further improvement
  • Re-assess customer needs and expectations