Strategic Sourcing

Managing organizational costs through a strategic sourcing process allows MainStream to utilize our experience and knowledge of the supply industry to best realize sustainable and economic advantages for customers. Our process develops a secure and responsive supplier base with the capability of providing on-time, high quality, low cost goods and services to meet the existing and prospective business needs of our clients.

At MainStream we do not assume to have the same level of knowledge of your needs that you do. It is why our approach is to partner with our clients to take advantage of our mutual knowledge covering the essential elements of what is needed and what the best sourcing options are in the marketplace.

Our process begins by benchmarking and analyzing your current spending on a comparative basis to the marketplace. Our team carefully completes a supplier identification and qualification process while simultaneously moving quickly through the strategic sourcing process of negotiating with suppliers to reduce costs and enhance the contractual terms and conditions.

Our objective is to quickly guide our clients with a lower cost point and provide the organization with opportunities to improve margins, become more competitive in the marketplace and enjoy strong relationships with quality suppliers now and in the future.

Our services can be provided on a fixed fee plan or on the basis of sharing the gain driven by actual cost savings. Under either framework, clients are provided with the highest level of personal attention and care possible.