P x A = S

This is MainStream's proven formula for successful change implementation, and a clear differentiating advantage that sets us apart from other change management firms. What we know from our vast years of experience in the turnaround and workout industry is that when you take Process change and combine it with cultural Acceptance change methods what you end up with is a change strategy that yields unparalleled Sustainability. Our methods include a thorough analysis of your organization's culture and the identification of barriers to acceptance of necessary change. Any resistance to or misunderstanding of the change process must be frankly addressed within a supportive, respectful environment. Any solutions are only as effective as the willingness of your people at all levels to embrace them.

After an organization's selected process leaders have been trained and certified by MainStream, we turn over the on-going facilitation to these leaders. Our goal is to provide your organization with the tools needed to carry forward sustainable improvement independently.