Managing Selling Costs

Companies have great fear when it comes to experimenting with their sales force. After all, the sales force is the engine that drives revenue. Even if our engine isn't running on all cylinders the thought of overhauling it can be scary. However, during uncertain economic times and periods when revenue stagnation has set in with a company, management is compelled to examine and act on opportunities to examine all methods of increasing revenues in a cost effective manner.

The optimal way to avoid mistakes in this process is to partner with an organization that has knowledge on taking a fundamentally different approach to cost effective sales but also has the experience of knowing where the pitfalls are. The journey is not as scary when a company travels with a guide who has successfully completed the trip many times.

The following approach is one that the MainStream team has used in the past to help companies carefully sustain a 10 to 30 percent reduction in their selling costs while minimizing risk of future growth. The process begins with an analysis of your customers allowing us to know:

  • How much effort really goes into each customer and transaction?
  • Which services does each of them want and need?
  • What is my customer profitability?
  • Which customers and markets are growing and which are shrinking?

When companies understand their customers and the cost of "acquiring" those customers, that knowledge allows them to focus sales resources where they are needed and to eliminate waste. Following this approach, the sales force will become both more effective in driving top-line revenue in a cost effective manner.

This is just one approach that MainStream uses to help organizations become more effective. Call us today. We will be glad to discuss other proven methods that can be customized to your unique set of circumstances.