Strategic Planning & Integration Management

Engagement Results

Harvest Manor Farms
A multibillion dollar holding company had established an integrated snack food and nut producer and seen their revenues grow substantially, but the company had an operating loss of almost $32 million. Read More
Atlantic American Properties
A privately held company owned by a private equity fund and a series of institutional investors, Atlantic American Properties Trust undertook the responsibility to fully integrate a second enterprise of similar size located in a different region of the country. Read More
Bell Atlantic
A Fortune 50 company, Bell Atlantic Corporation, had invested significant capital into a wholly-owned investment real estate subsidiary, Bell Atlantic Properties. Read More
Aviant, a $140 million Long Beach California supplier of contract engineers and IT personnel had violated its bank covenants and was being forced to financially restructure the business. Read More
Apache Hose
MainStream performed an assessment of the company’s operations including its sales and distribution operations. Read More
Taylor Instruments is a consumer products company specializing in scales, thermometers, and weather stations. Read More