Operational Due Diligence

MainStream has a strong background in operational improvement. Our team of professionals has managed middle market companies through Fortune 500 businesses, and our firm is a major contributor in the operations improvement industry. Our hands-on management experience and our leadership role in helping organizations achieve breakthrough objectives combine to provide clients with a unique set of skills required to conduct objective operational due diligence. We understand best practices and identify areas of risk and opportunity that cannot be identified with a financial review alone.

We work with private business enterprises, public companies and private equity clients to identify areas of risk and opportunity. Our focus is on distribution, manufacturing and service operations, the deployment of Lean processes, supply chain management and analysis of the management team's effectiveness. We offer clients C-level professional advice that is customized to each client's unique situation and take a tailored approach that is appropriate for the particular industry, market and location. Follow-up is conducted through face-to-face meetings as well as written reports providing specific answers to questions that our clients need to be aware of and draw upon our experience in financial restructuring and turnaround management to create value for our clients.

MainStream's primary focus is to improve the operational performance of client organizations and in turn increase ROI and the value of the organization. Call us today and let us help your organization know the true value of your potential acquisition.