Post M&A Integration and Improvement

What defines a successful merger or acquisition? The answer is never found in the transaction itself. Success is truly defined after the integration is complete. At MainStream we know that the key to enhancing value through a successful integration is in the development of the integration plan. This essential step builds a foundation for a well run, professionally communicated implementation program.

MainStream is experienced in establishing an M&A integration team and plan. We advise on the options and implications of different integration activities including executive appointments, communication and organizational structure. We support management and staff and are adept at getting key constituents to focus on identifying key needs and concerns. M&A integration is a significant undertaking which when done correctly will significantly improve the speed and process through clear, well understood strategies and goals.

At MainStream we understand that now more than ever a successful merger or acquisition will be defined by having the combined organizations bear the fruit that was promised. Our focus is on helping the new organization deliver the goods, and our goal is to make the transition efficient and successful through expert planning and skilled execution.