Corporate Liquidations

Engagement Results

Atlantic Extrusions Corp
Atlantic Extrusions manufactured and distributed plastic products to the furniture, utilities and landscaping industry. Read More
Ducane Gas Grills
Ducane Gas Grills, a high-end manufacturer of barbecue equipment, was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy protection. Read More
Top Air Manufacturing
A leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment with multiple Midwest facilities and a strong dealer network was struggling in a highly price competitive market with a high debt load. Read More
Michels South Carolina, Inc., manufactured and distributed furniture products under a variety of regional brand names across the eastern half of the country. Read More
Willcox & Gibbs
Willcox & Gibbs was a leading distributor of supplies and equipment to the garment and sewn products industry. Read More
General Time Corporation
General Time was the world’s largest provider of clocks with approximately $100 million of annual revenue and the owner of the most respected and well-known brand names in the clock industry. Read More