Corporate Debt Restructuring

Business cycles fluctuate in a broad spectrum, affected by issues ranging from global economic influences to localized issues affecting pricing, margins, supply and demand. While many companies enjoyed the favorable global economic conditions from 2002 through 2006 - 2007, over the past few years many of those same companies have felt the financial strain of the economic downturn. While a number of companies filed for bankruptcy protection, a significant number also chose a corporate debt restructuring strategy that was less expensive, more discreet and required less time to resolve their financial obligations.

Debt restructuring can remove pressure points that lead to very tactical actions, such as liquidating strategic assets, rather than allowing you to refinance at better terms allowing for improved cash flow. This process can give your business new life, reorganize your liabilities and remove some of the burdens that influence your decision making.

MainStream is aware that every restructuring circumstance is unique. Our experience has allowed us to develop successful resolution processes covering all categories of corporate indebtedness. Our process begins by analyzing your company’s financial situation and understanding your desired outcomes. We use an open communication approach and work in partnership with creditors to insure that integrity and goodwill are preserved. We understand that time is of the essence so we promptly complete our analysis and present you with specific solutions that best match your needs with your current financial situation.

Debt Restructuring Benefits

  • Allows you to focus on strategic issues associated with operational improvements
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors
  • Restructure finances to accommodate short-term influences
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Maintain management control