Problem Identification

MainStream Management's professionals use a process-driven approach to promptly evaluate a distressed company's situation in order to recommend a best course of action.

Our process begins with a situational analysis. This step provides a swift, fact based assessment and includes information pertaining to cash flow, debt service capability, operations, capital structure, products & services, systems and controls and a review of the management team. We examine the situation, verify high priority needs and build action plans.

The second step is to develop a turnaround plan and to build the associated implementation schedule. Many times this involves re-visiting company procedures and restructuring its operations. To obtain optimum results, members of the MainStream team often assume interim management roles reporting to the Board of Directors. We address all critical facets of the business including cash flow, bank and creditor relationships, and vendor and employee relations.

Our management teams are experienced in all aspects of reorganization, including restructurings both inside and outside of bankruptcy protection.

Using our proven process and focused approach, MainStream works hand-in-hand with companies to improve performance throughout all operations. We work in a practical and pragmatic manner in determining the key metrics for the business and establish processes to monitor ongoing performance.