MainStream’s Performance NOW®

For over a decade MainStream Management has built a reputation for assisting middle market companies and public sector organizations facing performance issues. A classic approach utilized by many consulting firms who work with struggling organizations is to apply long-term cultural change techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma. Through our experience we have learned that frequently, owners, or investors with their portfolio companies do not have the time or patience needed to achieve long-term cultural change. Fortunately, there are other solutions that are timelier and equally as effective.

MainStream’s Performance NOW® offers our clients a cadre of highly skilled and experienced operations managers and executives. Our professionals possess the ability to bring rapid change to organizations whether there is a specific problem to be solved, such as yield recovery or pricing management, or if there is a need to improve the performance of the organization as a whole. MainStream’s Performance NOW ® is simple, direct, and fast acting, generating results that have an immediate impact for our food and beverage clients. Our approach is not to spend a long time analyzing problems that we know how to solve. Our bias towards action brings rapid results and creates value for our clients. Performance NOW ® combines the strengths of our suite of advisory offerings and focuses on identifying solutions to operational challenges followed by swift implementation of corrective actions.

How to Contact MainStream Management

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