Performance NOW

Food and Beverage Industry

There are times when food and beverage companies do not achieve expected operating results regardless of the effort expended by management or the financial commitment made by ownership. Problems may stem from an inability to obtain consistent product quality, a lack of controls over incoming materials, a loss of competitive position, or mismanagement of inventory. The company’s gross margins may be eroding due to the fact that a consistent spread between the price paid for materials and the selling price cannot be controlled. Or the company may not be realizing potential savings in work processes, including yield, maintenance and engineering costs, and labor productivity. These issues may manifest themselves in ways that are not immediately visible such as lower revenues or an inability to maintain shelf presence with major retail accounts. The management team may have solid plans for change but cannot seem to deliver or they may be having difficulties in implementing the strategy throughout the organization. The outcome is simple; disappointing results leading to under-performance of the investment.

Over the past ten years MainStream Management has built a reputation for assisting food and beverage companies facing performance issues. Many consulting firms use a classic approach to work with struggling organizations by utilizing cultural change techniques such as lean and Six Sigma. What MainStream Management has learned is that sometimes owners, or investors and their portfolio companies do not have the time or patience needed to achieve long-term cultural change. Fortunately there are other solutions.

MainStream’s Performance NOW offers a cadre of highly skilled and experienced operations managers and executives. They possess the ability to bring rapid change to organizations whether there is a specific problem to be solved, such as yield recovery or inventory mismanagement, or if there is a need to improve the performance of the organization as a whole, through implementing proven strategies while assuming an interim management role. MainStream’s Performance NOW is simple, direct, and fast acting, generating results that have an immediate impact for our clients. Through leadership, detailed knowledge, and a high sense of urgency, MainStream’s Performance NOW re-energizes organizations and gets them moving in the right direction. Our approach is not to spend a long time analyzing problems that we know how to solve. Our bias towards action brings rapid results and creates value for our clients.

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