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Business Advisory Program

Companies of all sizes face a myriad of challenges in today’s markets. A staggering economy, increased regulation, heightened competition, and a lack of availability to capital are some of the larger issues that our clients face. Companies with revenues in the $50 million and below range face a unique set of challenges associated with ownership dynamics and capital challenges. Size constraints coupled with entrepreneurial or privately held family ownership complexities position these firms in a way that is different from their larger competitors when it comes to addressing crisis, turnaround, and performance improvement issues.

Our Business Advisory Program is a unique management services offering focused on companies with annual revenue of $50 million or less. The program features the best of our full time interim management program – that is focused on larger organizations – within the framework of a company that is smaller in size.

MainStream's Business Advisory Program is unique from services offered by other consulting firms based on four key characteristics:

Senior Management Attention

Our Business Advisory Program provides senior level management expertise from the same MainStream team members that focus on larger company assignments. Our deep pool of executive talent is brought to bear for The MainStream Business Advisory program clients on a comprehensive basis. Our target clients in this program are provided this level of expertise on a two-three day per week basis. This structure allows our professionals to work in parallel with, or in replacement of the companies senior leadership. Either way, MainStreams seasoned executives provide the same level of dedicated, focused and objective leadership required. Regardless of whether it is working in parallel with or in replacement of the client senior leadership, the MainStream executive provides the same level of dedicated, focused, and objective leadership required by the client.

Part Time Basis, Full-Time Attention

MainStream’s Business Advisory Program has been developed in such a manner where the C-level executive provided by MainStream works with the client on a two - three day per week basis.This contrasts with larger company programs which require full time on-site involvement. MainStream provides the same leadership, management tools, and focus within a time frame that is sized to match up with the clients operations. This reduction in time provides our Business Advisory clients with a program that is highly cost effective for the high level of value provided.

Owner/Management Structure

MainStream’s Business Advisory Program allows our executives to work alongside existing management. This structure recognizes the unique nature of the owner/manager in many privately held companies, where generally this person is the key member of the senior management team. Frequently it is important for the owner / manager to retain a role in working with major customers and key vendors. In a scenario when the owner / manager feels it is best if they step aside, our experienced executives are prepared to assume a broader role. Our executives are experienced in working in environments where the responsibilities that they have include working closely with existing management.

Voice of the Customer

MainStream's Business Advisory Program is the direct result of extensive customer feedback on the need for crisis and turnaround management services with clients of this size and ownership structure. The market demands to work with companies of this profile are high and the resources available to address the challenges are often limited from a resource standpoint. With lenders increasingly focused on helping business of all sizes, MainStream's Business Advisory Program is a key ingredient in ensuring a long-term, profitable relationship.

Business Advisory Program: Projects
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