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U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee


Chapter 11 Reorganization


MainStream was engaged by the Office of the Trustee through the Delaware Bankruptcy Court on a major bankruptcy case. The role of Mainstream was to locate, secure, manage and prepare all supporting documentation required for the filing of preference claims, and to coordinate all activities with the other legal entities.


MainStream identified locations in four states where the appropriate documents, records, files and electronic media of the Debtors were located. Our team of professionals conducted interviews with former employees of the Debtors to confirm and verify specific data relative to documents, records, files and electronic media regarding the alleged preference payments and to evaluate and analyze all available information. During the investigation, MainStream recognized that avoidable payments were allegedly made to officers and insiders of the Debtor. Our team presented our findings and the associated avoidance analysis to the US Trustee for recovery.


After collecting and analyzing the information for validity, a final summary report including individual case files identifying the name of vendor/supplier(s), and/or officer/insider(s) to whom an alleged avoidable payment(s) were made, the date the payments were made and the dollar value associated with the payments was prepared and presented for filing on behalf of the US Trustee.

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