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Corporate Brochure

MainStream Management is a privately held professional services fi rm that specializes in management consulting for privately held and publicly traded middle market companies. Our team of senior executives, management consultants, and operating technicians offer knowledge, maturity, and judgement that has provided unparalleled results for our clients.

Having worked in multiple industries involving a broad set of strategic, operational, and fi nancial challenges, MainStream has worked for some of the most respected individuals, Private Equity fi rms, lenders, and public sector organizations in the world. The majority of our work is with middle market companies however, our engagements range from consulting start-up companies to advising on the reorganization of the U.S. Navy and Air Force’s nuclear weapons programs. Our intensive and individualized focus has allowed us to solve a myriad of business challenges while creating signifi cant value for parties with a vested economic interest. Read more

Corporate Brochure: Projects
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