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Manufacturing - Lighting


Manufacturing – Lighting


$500 Million


Performance Improvement


The company needed to implement Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques across their operations which included 6 different locations with approximately 1800 employees.


One of MainStream’s principals was engaged to develop plans and schedules allowing for the program implementation. The objective was to build a system that allowed for a series of Internal Experts to be trained in a manner that provided for a time sensitive, consistent rollout whereby each facility would be held to a series of service and quality metrics that was specific to each location yet tied to over arching corporate objectives. to apply Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Techniques and implement across 6 factories, 1800 employees.


During the first 12 months, finished goods inventory was reduced from $30 Million to $18 Million while customer service was improved. Order lead times were reduced from 2 weeks to 3 days and line item fill rate was improved from 60% to 98%. Internal manufacturing defect rates were reduced by more than 30%.

Manufacturing-Lighting: Projects
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