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Ducane Gas Grills


Outdoor Cooking


Orderly Liquidation Recovery Analysis


Ducane Gas Grills, a high-end manufacturer of barbecue equipment, was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy protection. The company needed assistance in establishing an orderly liquidation value in order to better understand future options.


MainStream completed an orderly liquidation value analysis that provided the Board of Directors, officers and secured creditors with a clear set of expectations on the anticipated gross and net dollars the company would realize from a sale of the business line. The valuation covered all elements of company assets from intellectual property, including trade names, patents and websites through their traditional assets of personal property, inventory and receivables. As time was of the essence, MainStream completed the analysis in 10 working days.


While completing the orderly liquidation analysis, MainStream identified a sales strategy and provided a list of the five top likely prospects to purchase the Ducane assets. Ducane successfully implemented the strategy that MainStream developed and after filing for bankruptcy protection Ducane was sold to a strategic buyer from the MainStream list. The business line was purchased by Stephen-Weber Products, the manufacturer of the world-renowned Weber Grills.

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