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Community Outreach

The Rogosin Institute's Tree of Life Gala

MainStream Management has been a supporter of The Rogosin Institute and its annual Tree of Life gala for three consecutive years. The Tree of Life gala benefits The Rogosin Institute, premier medical and research center in New York City. The Rogosin Institute was established in 1983 as an independent, not-for-profit institution for research, treatment, and education in kidney disease (including dialysis and transplantation) and cardiovascular disease secondary to cholesterol and other lipid disorders. Rogosin’s history can be traced to 1955 when the Cardiorenal Laboratory at the Second (Cornell) Medical Division of Bellevue Hospital in New York City was created and became the predecessor for ensuing kidney programs. Rogosin has unique ways of bringing the benefits of research to patients quickly. Read More

Exploring the Arts

MainStream Management is a proud supporter of Exploring the Arts (ETA). Founded in 1999 by Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto, ETA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen the role of the arts in American education by returning arts-enriched programming to public schools. To this end, ETA develops programs that connect private funders, individual artists and cultural institutions to public schools as a way to achieve greater equality of resources and opportunity for youth of all means and backgrounds. ETA champions programs and curricula that: teach young artists to embrace true craft over the cult of fame that pervades our culture; promote interdisciplinary learning by integrating the arts with standard academics; and encourage social consciousness and a commitment to community. ETA offers its programs and support to designated ETA Partner Schools. Read More

City of Cedar Rapids

In June 2008 record floods besieged communities throughout the Midwestern United States. Among the many communities that suffered flood-related damage, Cedar Rapids, IA was by far the most severely devastated. The flood waters had surged drastically past both the 100 and 500 year flood plain levels cresting at 31.12 feet, 19.12 feet above flood stage. In total, 14% or 8.9 square miles of Cedar Rapids' 63.4 square mile land area was submerged. The affected area comprised of 1,300 city blocks or 7,198 parcels, including most of the City's downtown. 3,900 homes inhabited by 18,623 Cedar Rapidians were inundated causing 14.8% of the city's population to be displaced. The damage is estimated at totaling over $5.7 billion.

Realizing the enormity of the task that lay ahead of the City of Cedar Rapids, MainStream provided the City aid in flood recovery planning, setting up a project management office, and assisting the various City government, business leaders and non-governmental organizations in responding to the crises. MainStream provided a deeply experience human crises specialist and project manager to the city on a full-time basis to mentor the extended community of neighborhood associations, small businesses, philanthropic organizations, county government, Chamber of Commerce, and City of Cedar Rapids. In addition, four other members of the MainStream team supported the effort. All MainStream support was provided on a pro bono basis for a period of six months. Read More

Jackie Gimberline Endowed Scholarship

Joseph P. Patten and Jacqueline L. Gimberline founded MainStream in 1999 with a shared vision of providing middle market companies with operational and financial solutions that had previously had only been available to large corporations. Prior to MainStream, Jackie served as chief financial officer for a number of corporations, consultant and financial advisor to various financial institutions, and operations advisor to the U.S. Navy and Air Forces. In addition to being a highly accomplished business professional she was a wonderful role model for her two children. Jackie was a remarkable person in body, soul and spirit.

In October of 2006 Jackie was diagnosed with stomach cancer and after a valiant effort to fight off the cancer Jackie passed away in January of 2007. In memory of this great woman, MainStream, in conjunction with Jackie’s alma mater, Morningside College, established the Jackie Gimberline Endowed Scholarship, a permanently endowed scholarship fund for non-traditional students attending Morningside College. The goal of the scholarship is to provide one or more scholarships annually to academically qualified, non-traditional undergraduate students. Preference will be given to students working toward a degree in business, with a demonstrated financial need, and from Northwest Iowa. Read More

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