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Crisis & Interim Management

A crisis within a company can generate serious troubles that include weak earnings, liquidity and cash flow deficits and a lack of support from stakeholders and lenders. Demoralized staff members can create damage to the reputation of an organization and a loss of loyalty from suppliers and customers. These factors and more can impact the performance of even the most enduring of companies. Time is not on your side. The sooner management, the Board of Directors, or the financial backers focus on the root causes of inconsistent performance the greater the range of favorable options for all parties.

MainStream serves in turnaround, crisis and interim management positions to guide companies as they work through unstable periods of crisis or major change. Our seasoned professionals typically serve as CRO, CEO, CFO or COO and typically are retained by and report to the Board of Directors. We are involved in each stage of the process and work in a collaborative manner, building consensus around proven strategies to neutralize the effects of the crisis. MainStream's hands-on approach combined with our track record of operational improvement and financial restructuring experience yields comprehensive performance improvement to middle market companies.

If your situation currently includes concerns about cash flow and financial obligations, falling short of market expectations, pressure from suppliers, or quiet concerns from customers on your ability to survive, MainStream is the right partner to turn to.

Problem Identification

MainStream Management's professionals use a process-driven approach to promptly evaluate a distressed company's situation in order to recommend a best course of action.

Our process begins with a situational analysis. This step provides a swift, fact based assessment and includes information pertaining to cash flow, debt service capability, operations, capital structure, products & services, systems and controls and a review of the management team. We examine the situation, verify high priority needs and build action plans.

The second step is to develop a turnaround plan and to build the associated implementation schedule. Many times this involves re-visiting company procedures and restructuring its operations. To obtain optimum results, members of the MainStream team often assume interim management roles reporting to the Board of Directors. We address all critical facets of the business including cash flow, bank and creditor relationships, and vendor and employee relations.

Our management teams are experienced in all aspects of reorganization, including restructurings both inside and outside of bankruptcy protection.

Using our proven process and focused approach, MainStream works hand-in-hand with companies to improve performance throughout all operations. We work in a practical and pragmatic manner in determining the key metrics for the business and establish processes to monitor ongoing performance.

Liquidity Concerns

MainStream offers a full suite of management & restructuring services targeting middle market businesses. We bring a comprehensive approach to address the unique requirements of each of our engagements. Frequently our clients are faced with issues dealing with liquidity management. Businesses operating in cash constrained environments frequently face difficult and time sensitive options. At MainStream our extensive experience in this critical area allows us to help companies quickly focus on their short-term cash needs and put in place accurate cash forecasting processes that serve to minimize or eliminate negative surprises.

Whether serving in an advisory or interim management role, MainStream's team of experienced professionals work swiftly to stabilize the business and put into action customized solutions that focus on the operational and financial challenges. We are committed to creating value for our clients and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you if you are facing liquidity concerns in your organization.

Corporate Debt Restructuring

Business cycles fluctuate in a broad spectrum, affected by issues ranging from global economic influences to localized issues affecting pricing, margins, supply and demand. While many companies enjoyed the favorable global economic conditions from 2002 through 2006 - 2007, over the past few years many of those same companies have felt the financial strain of the economic downturn. While a number of companies filed for bankruptcy protection, a significant number also chose a corporate debt restructuring strategy that was less expensive, more discreet and required less time to resolve their financial obligations.

Debt restructuring can remove pressure points that lead to very tactical actions, such as liquidating strategic assets, rather than allowing you to refinance at better terms allowing for improved cash flow. This process can give your business new life, reorganize your liabilities and remove some of the burdens that influence your decision making.

MainStream is aware that every restructuring circumstance is unique. Our experience has allowed us to develop successful resolution processes covering all categories of corporate indebtedness. Our process begins by analyzing your company’s financial situation and understanding your desired outcomes. We use an open communication approach and work in partnership with creditors to insure that integrity and goodwill are preserved. We understand that time is of the essence so we promptly complete our analysis and present you with specific solutions that best match your needs with your current financial situation.

Debt Restructuring Benefits

  • Allows you to focus on strategic issues associated with operational improvements

  • Spend less time dealing with creditors

  • Restructure finances to accommodate short-term influences

  • Avoid bankruptcy

  • Maintain management control

Disposing of Non-Core Assets

MainStream employs a variety of strategies to maximize value as it relates to the sale of non-core assets or business lines. Our professionals bring a deal-oriented approach and business perspective which includes crisis & interim business advisory management experience. This unique knowledge allows us to maximize value and also to help restructure or rehabilitate a troubled company's core business.

Our team works in or out of Court based on the specific circumstances of each client. When working outside of bankruptcy we generally utilize an auction style process mirroring that of a Section 363 sale. This process serves as the best way to divest of business lines or assets in an orderly manner at maximum value without all of the legal expenses associated with a bankruptcy filing. However, there are times when the need to protect the interests of all parties, a Chapter 11 Liquidation or Reorganization filing may serve as the most prudent approach.

Either way our team has consistently demonstrated the ability to facilitate and maximize stakeholder return. We have broad business experience and have working relationships within a large number of industry sectors and the investment community. These relationships permit us to produce positive results for both debtors and buyers.

MainStream's focus is to help our clients create value. Call us today. We will listen carefully to understand your unique situation and provide you with advice on how we can help.

Operational Restructuring Services

MainStream recognizes that in a challenging business atmosphere, many companies could benefit from additional resources on a limited basis to help them quickly address the crucial strategic and operational issues that threaten them. Working with existing management, we provide the essential skills to build and implement detailed action plans that includes goals, timelines and milestones that deal with immediate and longer term needs of the business. Our approach is analytically driven and carefully implemented with our keen knowledge and operational expertise.

Generally our operational restructuring engagements include financial responsibility and accountability for all product and service delivery functions, as well as production scheduling and management, staffing, quality control, inventory control, supply chain management and logistics. Our work is typically associated with improved resource allocation, eliminating capacity constraints, improved product flow and enhancing customer service.

MainStream is passionate about helping our clients create value. If you feel your operations are not running at peak performance then we can help. Give us a call. We promise to be attentive to your situation and provide you with ideas that help you improve your operations.

Pricing Management

Global competition, reduced availability to capital, and an economic downturn can put a lot of pressure on your organization to lower prices. Yet in today’s environment pricing is one of your strongest determinants of profit. Only a handful of organizations truly develop pricing strategies that are planned to gain the highest revenue potential from their customers.

Challenges associated with pricing management often start with conflicting objectives. The sales team focuses on maximum sales dollars to meet quotas. Factories are looking for a consistent flow of orders that allow them to take full advantage of demand and throughput, and finance is looking to please stakeholders with maximum profit generation.

MainStream can help your organization achieve a sustainable advantage through well developed pricing strategies and pricing management. Our approach combines our deep knowledge of operations and finance balanced with expertise in revenue enhancement and sales effectiveness.

The results will allow you to:

  • Drive tangible benefits to the bottom line

  • Build collaborative objectives with functional activities in support of pricing strategies

  • Develop repeatable processes and procedures

  • Measure customer profitability by linking costs to serve with pricing levels

Contact MainStream today and let us demonstrate how within a short time you can effectively manage pricing to enhance your bottom line today and in the future.

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