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5000 Employees


Operational Improvement


Our client is a manufacturer of a wide range of industrial transmissions that have an extensive range of power applications and gear ratios. To satisfy the optimum product mix, all machines must run a multitude of product components requiring a complete change-over of tools, fixtures, gauges, and programs. The Company had permitted their set-ups to deteriorate to the extent that the time allowed for production had eroded significantly. As a result, overtime increased, absenteeism was on the rise, and production schedules were not being met. MainStream was engaged to develop an implementation plan that would allow the company to increase production throughput while reducing their overall costs.


MainStream introduced the concept of accomplishing set-ups in minutes and seconds versus days and hours. Set-Up Reduction teams were formed of production workers, inspectors, engineers, schedulers, maintenance, and office employees to assess and remedy the long set-up time problem. Using Lean Set-Up Reduction techniques, the teams analyzed the set-ups by actual observation and made improvements by trying out many ideas brainstormed by the entire team. Set-up procedures were developed, operators trained, and time and quality metrics monitored the success of the new set-ups.


At the end of approximately eight weeks, set-up times were reduced by 85%. Product changeovers which were vital to reducing costs and attaining equipment utilization increased significantly. Production orders met at a 98% on–time delivery schedule running on normal shifts allowing for overtime costs to be aligned with budget requirements.

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