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MainStream recognizes that in a challenging business atmosphere, many companies could benefit from additional resources on a limited basis to help them quickly address the crucial strategic and operational issues that threaten them. Working with existing management, we provide the essential skills to build and implement detailed action plans that includes goals, timelines and milestones that deal with immediate and longer term needs of the business. Our approach is analytically driven and carefully implemented with our keen knowledge and operational expertise.

Generally our operational restructuring engagements include financial responsibility and accountability for all product and service delivery functions, as well as production scheduling and management, staffing, quality control, inventory control, supply chain management and logistics. Our work is typically associated with improved resource allocation, eliminating capacity constraints, improved product flow and enhancing customer service.

MainStream is passionate about helping our clients create value. If you feel as though your operations are not running at peak performance then we can help. Give us a call. We promise to be attentive to your situation and provide you with ideas that help you improve your operations.

It’s a staggering thought that so many American companies either are, or are likely to become insolvent in the midst of the global financial crisis. What makes it worse is when you consider that a significant number could have been saved if they had sought the right help early enough. In many cases, the businesses that end up in foreclosure, receivership or bankruptcy have not heeded early warning signs and sought the right assistance at the appropriate time.

Companies must be willing to admit they need help. The earlier a turnaround firm is engaged, the more options that are available to restructure the business. At MainStream our Turnaround experts do not just work with businesses in trouble. Many of our clients sought our advice for general profit improvement prior to becoming a distressed or troubled company.

Is it too late to turn things around? The good news is that if you put your hand up for the right sort of help it is possible to turn around many of the danger situations companies can find themselves in.

The three key elements of any turnaround are:

  • financial restructuring

  • operational restructuring

  • and stakeholder management

MainStream turnaround professionals use skills in insolvency, corporate finance and audit, management consulting, project management, financial modeling as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure.

During the early stages of an engagement our work focuses around improving cash flow, stabilizing operations, communicating with key stakeholders to strengthen their support, exploring all strategic options and developing a comprehensive turnaround strategy.

If your organization is in trouble, or you believe that trouble might be just down the road, don’t hesitate to call us. We promise to be attentive to your situation and provide you with ideas that help you improve performance.

There are specific moments in time during the lifecycle of a business that have the ability to genuinely impact value. MainStream is passionate about helping to guide our middle market clients through those moments in time. If you believe now is the time to take advantage of opportunities to expand your business through acquisition, or you want to capitalize on market expectations and sell your business, our transaction advisory team is ready to guide you through the process, help you minimize risk and realize maximum value.

Whether it is analyzing a potential merger or acquisition, preparing information for a sale or financing, or minimizing the tax implications of a purchase or sale, the processes from start to close are fraught with complexities. The time required to get it done right is significant and the consequences are substantial. MainStream is committed to assisting clients through these processes and to prepare and assist our clients in making critical business decisions. We leverage our knowledge and through a combination of innovation and experience, work through each unique issue involved in business transactions and transitions.

MainStream is a trusted advisor to many of the largest financial institutions, private equity investors and middle market manufacturing, food and beverage, consumer goods, defense, aerospace and distribution companies in the country. We look forward to working with your company or institution to create shareholder value through transaction based expansion.

We offer a full range of services to identify and structure innovative opportunities for our clients.

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