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Tiffin University


Higher Education


Online and Enrollment Strategist


Tiffin University is a private co-educational, residential university with undergrad, graduate, on-ground and online degree programs as well as programs abroad. Tiffin enrolls over 4,900 students and has campuses predominately located in Ohio.

A principal of MainStream was engaged to lead Tiffin University in developing an online course program. He was responsible for oversight and for the recruitment and retention of creating and implementing a strategy for online programs and increasing student enrollment.


The organization needed a plan on developing an online program. Our expert successfully led the University through this initiative not only developing the plan but also through implementation and creating a sustainable structure for monitoring the program. In addition, our expert managed the recruitment of on-campus students and led strategic initiatives that increased enrollment on-campus as well.


During their tenure, MainStream's principal increased the enrollment by 128% as well as increased the annual tuition revenue by $20 million.

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