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Corporate Fact Sheet

Who We Are

Our team of senior executives, management consultants, and operating technicians offer knowledge, maturity, and judgment that has provided unparalleled results for our clients. For over a decade, our success has resulted from our ability to create value for clients facing difficult challenges. This has been accomplished by creating and deploying thoughtful solutions.

Having worked in multiple industries involving a broad set of strategic, operations, and financial challenges, MainStream has worked for some of the most respected organizations in the world. Our intensive, individualized focus has allowed us to solve a myriad of business challenges while creating significant value for parties with a vested economic interest.

What We Do

MainStream thrives in the high intensity environments that stressed and distressed organizations face. Our team provides solutions unique to individual situations ranging from traditional business issues to highly complex operational or financial restructurings. Our approach brings a sense of urgency and objectivity to the development and execution of new strategies. Our disciplined process includes assessing and rapidly identifying financial and operational challenges, and developing a plan of action that will increase enterprise value.

Our Customers

Our clients are lenders, creditors, corporate executives, private equity investors, and professionals who have either a debt position, an equity interest, or who serve as advisers to our clients. While the challenges of each client are unique, the common thread running through all of our engagements is the recognized need to restore value through sound management and performance improvement. We understand that need. Our team focuses on creating value and driving results to ensure the optimal outcome for all constituents.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of executives with broad business experience with an orientation toward strategic, operational, and financial management. With a unique blend of operating and consulting experience, our leadership team members often hold direct responsibility for the day-to-day management of operating companies. Our assignments are led by multiple managing directors at the most senior level of the organization. Each has first-hand managerial experience with C-level responsibility, providing clients with hands-on, direct experience.

Why MainStream

We are a different kind of consulting company. We possess:

  • Extensive capital markets experience

  • An exemplary track record in creating value for our clients

  • Experience as owners and operators of middle market business enterprises

Where We Work

We have worked in 18 countries across four continents. Our team is based from seven offices strategically located throughout the country, including Washington DC, Knoxville, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and San Diego.

Executive Overview: Projects
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