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Operational Excellence

MainStream recognizes that in a challenging business atmosphere, many companies could benefit from additional resources on a limited basis to help them quickly address the crucial strategic and operational issues that threaten them. Working with existing management, we provide the essential skills to build and implement detailed action plans that includes goals, timelines and milestones that deal with immediate and longer term needs of the business. Our approach is analytically driven and carefully implemented with our keen knowledge and operational expertise.

Generally our operational restructuring engagements include financial responsibility and accountability for all product and service delivery functions, as well as production scheduling and management, staffing, quality control, inventory control, supply chain management and logistics. Our work is typically associated with improved resource allocation, eliminating capacity constraints, improved product flow and enhancing customer service.

MainStream is passionate about helping our clients create value. If you feel as though your operations are not running at peak performance then we can help. Give us a call. We promise to be attentive to your situation and provide you with ideas that help you improve your operations.

Operational Excellence: Projects
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